Monday, June 27, 2011

{A Very Special Visit}


We are blessed with many, many really good ones.

Most we see weekly, some we see much less.

The M's are such friends.

Trevor and Darryl have been friends for years. He was the Best Man at our wedding, one of the first that got a phone call when our children were born, we flew out to Ontario (when I was just a few weeks pregnant with Denay) for their wedding in November of 2007.

They live out of province and we are rarely able to time out visits to the "commonland" and sneak in a visit.

Well, this weekend we got spoiled and had the pleasure of having this fabulous family over at our house. The visit lasted about four hours total, but what a time we had! Denay and Isabella bounced (and fell off of) rubber balls, we laughed, ate an entire 40 pack of Timbits ans shared lots of hilarious child and parent related anecdotes.

Here are just a few shots from our time....
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

This is one cute family!
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Meg Baxter said...

Darryl! I forgot you guys were friends with him. I used to work at Northview with him. During weddings, we'd all hide out in the back and scarf leftover dinner rolls. LOL! He has a beautiful family.