Saturday, June 25, 2011


A little while back, I posted about the major switch we made from two bedrooms, to a bedroom and a playroom for the girls. To answer the most common question I've been asked since then, things are going so very, very well. We have always played music for the girls while they sleep, so they are very used to not having quiet. So now, when one of them wakes up crying, we've found the other isn't usually disturbed.....and, never having a sister, I'm so enjoying watching them share a room together!

I had Paisley's name photographs from Alphabet Photography that I'd taken out of the frames in the (now) playroom and replaced them with black and white photos of the girls together. So I was left with the letters and knew just what I wanted to do with them.

Last week I had a few evening hours to myself, and while watching the five part Pride and Prejudice mini-series, I hauled out my scrapbooking paper, hot glue gun and ribbon, and this is what I came up with.....
{I went with a purple pattern theme, cause Paisley is my purple blankie girl}

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