Tuesday, June 21, 2011

:: I'm Going There ::

I'm going to throw caution to wind and go for it here.

BUT, men be cautioned (if there are actually any men that grace my blog with their presence) that this post is all about something you probably don't want to know about: feminine hygiene. So, consider yourselves rightfully warned.

A few months ago, a girlfriend of mine (whom I mentioned in this post) posted a link on Facebook. I clicked on it and my immediate reaction was "Ewwww, gross". It was for a product called LunaPads, a washable and reusable cotton menstrual pad. I have never been a pad girl and have always disliked the idea of using them during my period. But after reading a little about them, I was so impressed with the idea and innovation and their incredible environmental friendliness. It was right up the road we've been taking trying to reduce our impact and avoid products that are less sustainable. But this particular product is not something I would use. As I continued to browse, I found a tab near the top that said "The DivaCup". Curious me clicked on it and was instantly intriuged. The DivaCup is a reusable, non-absorbant menstral cup that eliminates the need for tampons and pads by collecting the menstral flow. It's then removed, the contents emptied, washed and reinserted.

Again, my first reaction was a little "Ewww", but then I got to thinking about when I first started using tampons and it wasn't much different.

I put it off and forgot about it but then I finished breastfeeding, and certain things resumed and it wasn't long before I was wishing I was pregnant again. Within a day, I had ran out to the local organic market and picked myself up one.

So here's my review.

I love the idea of this! I love that I no longer need to purchse paper products or, when they are used, throw them away to be sent to a landfill. I love that it is made in Canada and is dye, chlorine, coloring and additive free. Their website draws a comparison between the switch many people have made from plastic bags to canvas bags, to the switch from tampons to the DivaCup. I've now gone through three cycles using the DivaCup and I'll be very honest I had a rough go with it. I was prepared that it was going to be a learning curve, but it took using it for two cycles to finally use it without it leaking or being uncomfortable. But now that I've figured it out, I LOVE it!

I would totally encourage you to check out their website. It was a push to figure it out but now that I'm learned, I will never go back! Because it's not absorbant it's not disrupting your natural moisture, there are no plastics or chemicals that are near or inside you body.

Check out The DivaCup!


Meg Baxter said...

A good friend of mine has been using this for a couple of years and she loves it too. Maybe once my "certain thing" resumes, I will check it out, too! ;)

Michelle said...

Wow you brave girl! That is being authentic! You made me chuckle :) Seriously, good for you for being accountable to this beautiful earth we call home!

Maryann said...

I've been using the diva cup for over two years and I'm a huge fan. Sometimes I wish I was more of a diva cup advocate because I think this is such a wonderful way of keeping pads out of landfills, but I just can't bring myself to get out there and spread the word. I'm glad you wrote about this!

Cammy said...


Fantastic post!! You should email it to the 'Lunagals' They'd be so pleased!!