Friday, November 14, 2008

~ Big Girl's Toy ~

My birthday came early for me this year and I am SO excited! We (I) have been making due with a KitchenAid hand mixer for all our baking as it was a wedding gift. About a month ago we were making cookies and one of the beaters imploded. If you've ever tried to use just one beater, it proves to be extremely challenging. So I told Trev I wanted a real stand mixer and we start shopping around. Ideally I wanted an Artisan model with it's bigger bowl but it was slightly out of our price range. Then while over at my parent's house, I was flipping through their DirectBuy catalogue and I found the model I wanted for the same price as the model below the Artisan. Yay! So we ordered it and last Saturday it arrived, and because of a credit on my parents account, after shipping and taxes, it was still less than the Classic model. Such a God thing. And here is my new beauty........And yes, it is pink! We decided that it wouldn't live on the counter so I could get any color I wanted! It had it's first run last night making banana bread for dessert. SO good and WAY easier! Happy Early Birthday to ME!


susan said...

You'll love it...I love mine. I got mine for my 30th birthday - yes, an odd 30th birthday gift but it was what I wanted. I have a red one and it's real purdy...enjoy yours!

Lisa B. said...

I LOVE my mixer - it was the best wedding present we got!

I use it all the time and can imagine baking without it.

Enjoy :-)

Jessi said...

We got one as a wedding gift and at first I rarely used it, I'm not the baker type, but ever since moving into our house 2.5 years ago, it's been used on a regular basis...and is our counter art as Dean calls it. Have fun, love the pink!

Helen said...

ooh, I want one too! Love the pink. What other colours do they make them in? (hello from Delta- I found you through 'popular blogs' on my feedjit'