Friday, November 21, 2008

*When WILL We Learn*

It is a sight no homeowner. or human being for that matter, ever wants to take in.
Somebody's living room window was just feet away from where a black newer-model Nissan Altima landed after losing control and flipping over into a Herd Road yard Saturday.
It was one heck of a jumpstart to a Saturday morning.
The crash occurred around 7:20 a.m.
"There were three people in the vehicle and driver was given a 24-hour suspension, so he was impaired by something or another," said North Cowichan/ Duncan Cst. Ed Power on Tuesday.
"He was also charged with, under the motor vehicle act, driving contrary to restrictions, which means he must have had a 'L' or an 'N' and had three people in the vehicle," said Power. "I'm not sure."
The driver was also charged with driving without due care and attention.
All three in the vehicle were taken to Cowichan District Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.
*photo-Rue Belday and news story-Cowichan Valley Citizen *

My dad took these photos after the passengers had been taken away and the car was about to be removed.

This is a window in the cabin that my parents rent out.......the car sent rocks flying in the air at such speed that they went flying through it.
The final resting place of the car.
The roof had to be removed to extract one of the passengers.
The car came down the bank runs parallel to my parents driveway, hit the bottom, flew up seven feet in the air and clipped this mature tree in half. If the tree had not been there the car would have completely demolished the 600 square foot cabin where the tenant and her teenage daughter live.My dad thought he overheard one of the police officers saying that the car was travelling in excess of 100km/hr in a 60km/hr zone around a sharp downhill curve on a wet road.

Really, Seriously.......what is it going to take for us to learn that drinking, driving and speeding is not funny, or cool, or smart. How many more lives will have to end before we Get it.

I am constantly hearing people complain about the increasing restrictions ICBC is placing on our new and young drivers and how inconvenient it is. **Now let me add that I certainly do not believe that young people are the only ones out there drinking and driving** But the statistics show the better part of these kinds of accidents involve a young person behind the what choice does ICBC have? It's unfortunate that our young teens will have to live with the mistakes being made today when their turn comes to drive.

As terrible as the accident was, it could have been worse, and it is my hope that many eyes will be opened and lessons learned before something more terrible happens.

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