Wednesday, November 19, 2008

~ A Knock On The Door ~

I'd like to start out this post by saying that I think it should be outlawed for a chipper courier driver to ring your doorbell before 10:00 in the morning. That being said, I had a pretty rough night with Denay and had just gotten back to sleep when my doorbell rang at 8:40. I must have looked like a train wreck but she didn't say anything. To be honest I don't remember much about the exchange except signing and saying thanks. Normally the curiosity would get to me but I put the package on my landing and retreated back to my bed.
I awoke later and after feeding the baby and showering I finally got to the opening. To my delight, this is what I found.
:: All packed in a sunflower gift bag (you don't know me at all mum), was lots of supplies useful to girl who has a pretty new stand mixer. Thank M&D always know just what I need!
Also in the package were some baby gifts for Denay. These were from Trevor's Nanny.....a neat souvenir shirt from Hawaii and a beautiful sliver cup engraved with her name and birthday.
We also got some super cute clothes from Uncle Jim and Auntie Rhonda that will be great for next summer. We are SO blessed!
Thanks for taking the time to ship that out M& you both!


Shawna said...

So fun, I love packages and one with treats to warm your home and fill your freezer with Christmas goodies...really does it get much better?!?!

Joanne said...

Sorry about the wake-up call....but glad you like the gifties....I can't believe GG bought a cup with "princess" on it! Snargles from Grammie!

Dustin and Chelsey said...

What a nice thign to wake up to. YOur MIL is SO thoughtful and sweet, you're so lucky! I know you'll enjoy your mixer as much as me. I LOVE it and use it all the time. Happy baking, especially with all those yummy treats she sent!!