Tuesday, November 25, 2008

:: The Great Debate ::

What are your thoughts on these.......Gift Certificate or Gift Cards have long been, as far as I am concerned, a subject of debate as to whether or not they are really a "gift". I guess, yes, in a sense you are gifting someone with being able to shop for themselves BUT I've also heard them referred to as "thoughtless" and "generic" ways to give a gift without having to be creative.
I kind of stand on the fence with the issue. Sometimes I feel like, rather than wracking my brain and stressing out about getting someone that perfect gift that will be useful, getting a friend the gift of getting themselves a gift is the more sensible way to go. But on the other hand am I really GIVING them a gift if they are buying something for themselves?
All that being said I do give and enjoying receiving them but I'm curious about other's perspectives.
What do you think?


Jason and Kristin said...

I understand the debate...I think they are a great gift! They save you from having to try to come up with something you THINK they'll love, and you allow them to choose something they know they want. There is also so many different gift cards now...Safeway sells gift cards to hundreds of places. The other day I had a friend find one for Ticketmaster...a gift card for Ticketmaster...now for my husband, that is the perfect gift, because he loves going to concerts, games etc. So, I think you can make them personal if you are creative enough! I love receiving gift cards because I can go choose something that I want. I don't have to worry that it won't fit, or that it will be something that will just end up in a closet right away!

Crystal said...

Its true big debate:) I thought I would comment on this because I battle with this too. I am a big gift person, giving and receiving so I don't neccessarily like giving cards or getting them unless there is a specific someone wants to save up for, or a specific thing that I want to get! Usually what I like to do is get the person something no matter what, and they can always return it. So for example if I am buying for my SIL, I will just make sure to buy her something from a store I know she likes, so that even if what I get her doesn't work I know she will find something she loves:)

Lisa B. said...

I think it totally depends who the gift is for. There are people who would rather choose their own things, or save up for something special - those are people to buy GC's for.
For stocking stuffers or little "I love you gifts" they are handy, fast and easy to mail - that's one reason I like them!

Amanda said...

I personally like gift cards. For giving and receiving. I enjoy receiving them for a store that I like because I don't have to spend it all at once or I can buy something that I may not have spent that money on normally. I like gift cards. Hands down. Like them.

Laura said...

I love gift cards! Who doesn't like to shop, pick out something great for herself and get to "buy" it for free?!?! Fun!! I know some people don't like to give them because they don't feel like they're personal enough... but I love getting them. And maybe, to make it personal, you can also take your giftee out for coffee or lunch or something! Shopping for free... yup, I like it ;)