Thursday, November 6, 2008

:: Shmoze ::

Yikes.....we've had a quite an eventful week or so around here........
:: This is a picture I've been meaning to post of the wreath my mom had me make for her ::

We had intentions to make a trip to the mainland on Friday night to spend sometime with Trev's family and be there for Cole's 1rst birthday on Saturday morning. But, very unfortunately, one of my bridesmaid's mom passed away suddenly and we attended the funeral on Saturday morning. So Friday night we celebrated my dad's birthday with a big meal of wings, and ribs and boy did we eat! We got to the mainland in the late afternoon Saturday and we spent the evening with Paul and Shawna and the boys........such a treat. Sunday was church and then a wonderful roastbeef lunch to celebrate Paul's birthday that was on the 5th, and boy did we eat again.....I've just posted a gaggle of pictures from the weekend.........

:: Denay loves having her face blown on ::

:: We were so excited to have Kevin home for the weekend as well ::

:: While we were at P&S, Auntie Shawna played with Denay's hair ::
:: Having a special cuddle with Auntie Lindsey and Uncle Jordan ::
:: Hanging out ::
:: Trev chilling out with his girl ::
:: Trying to keep Denay entertained on the ferry.......she's gonna be a racecar driver ::
:: In the Bumbo seat Auntie Shawna lent to her. She loves its! Thanks Shawna ::

Happy Birthday Opa, Cole, Paul............we love you all and wish you many more happy birthday's to come!

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Laura said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's mom, that's so hard :(
I was looking forward to seeing you guys at Cole's party, but hopefully we'll catch up next time you're in town!
Great pictures!!