Friday, November 21, 2008

~ A Day In The Life ~

The following chronologs my day yesterday..........we've been trying to get Denay to take pumped breast milk for a while and having no success. Yesterday my mom came shopping with me to get groceries and when we got home I asked if she would try feeding, since I know it's not the best idea for me to try. We gave it a go with a nipple she got from the hospital and at first it worked but she quickly decided she didn't like it. So I changed it over to her Playtex Nurser and without any fuss, she gobbled the bottle down and fell asleep in Oma's arms.
PTL! I've decided that I'm only going to use pumped for special occasions but it's just nice to be able to be freed up a little!

Was cleaning out my closet of some nice winter jackets to donate and Elmo decided it looked like a nice bed :)Then we went and had dinner at Oma and Opa's house....Oma and Denay had a cuddle infront of the fireplace.
Got Milk?
I did this one just for you Grammie.....*Smile* Denay loves you!

I thought it would be cute if Denay got to wear some dessert on her face.......All is well in the MaC household. We're tripping down to Victoria tomorrow for the Santa Claus parade so check back soon for pictures!



kirsten Jordan said...

Hey Christy...What a good idea your blog is..I have enjoyed reading about how denay is growing.

Isn't it a great feeling when your little one takes a bottle so you can havae a little bit of freedom on special occasions.

Joanne said...

Thanks, was SO GREAT to check your blog from my phone at the show and look at pics of wee Denay!! I have no plausible thumbs, so didn't write a comment onsite. Love you all!

Amanda said...

So nice that Denay took a bottle! A word of advice: give her abottle at least once a week maybe even more so she gets really used to it. You don't want to leave her with Trev or your parents and have her decide she doesn't like the bottle anymore. The more she gets used to it the easier it will be to leave her!