Monday, January 7, 2008

Kal Tire Staff Party 2007

This year again we had the luck of having Trevor's work staff party up at the Tigh-Na-Mara Resort in Parksville. We get a great deal on a room and a great dinner and party. We had an exceptional time this year just hanging out and laughing a lot. It was really hard to keep the baby suspicions under wraps because I wasn't drinking but we just said it was because I was still getting over the flu, which I was :)
The gorgeous view off of our patio.
The store's assistant manager Ken getting into the Christmas spirit.
Bruce and his wife Nikki.
Erv and Lorna also having a great time!
Trevy and I.The living room in our suite.

Can't wait for next year!

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Shawna said...

Wow --- Looks like an amazing place that you stayed at, glad they really 'treat' you for your Christmas party, you deserve it!