Sunday, January 27, 2008

** Strange Week **

So had a bit of a different week this week........First off, on Tuesday evening after getting home from work and getting the mail I came across a envelope from a local realtor. I opened it to find a letter asking us if we would consider accepting an offer on our house, that they have motivated and financially qualified buyers and that the lack of housing in our price range would allow us to get top market dollar. Trevor and I talked very briefly about it but the thought of moving after all the work we've done on the house does not appeal to me. On top of the fact that we cannot afford a mortgage much more than we have right now, I don't want to move during the last few stages of pregnancy or with a newborn! And I really really REALLY love our house. We have poured our hearts into it and it's really become our home. Then I get home on Wednesday night from work and our neighbours stops me in the carport to tell me that her unit (#2) and unit #3 and #6 all have water in their attics along with black mould. Yuck. So Trevor gets home from work to me with a really bad look on my face. We rode over to my parents house to grab a really big flashlight and when we got home, Trevor stuck his head up in the attic and these are the pictures he got.That black line isn't a shadow, it's water.
And the black spots are mould.
We emailed our pictures to the strata council and got a reply letting us know they were aware and to contact the roofer to get over and fix the roof. The roofs on the first 12 units of our complex are only 3 years old and Trevor thinks that the roofers didn't seal a vent properly and that's where the water is leaking in. Trevor emailed the roofer and we never heard back. Apparently he hasn't been returning any ones phone calls. The big concerning issue with this is is that the attic is right above the nursery. It may also be the reason that I have had a moderate to severe cough for a good year now that has been undiagnosable.
We've heard from our neighbour that the roofers are coming tomorrow but we have no idea what time. I have talked with a doctor at work and he said I don't need to be worried specifically for my pregnancy but that it's not good for our health in general. So we will see what the next few days hold but here's hoping they don't rip apart our JUST finished nursery.

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Shawna said...


Don't play around with that - I pray it get's resolved quickly and that you will know what God wants you to do with regards to moving vs. staying etc.