Monday, January 28, 2008

::: Time For Our Close Up :::

Before Nathan and Brice headed back to Manitoba, my mom hired Gloria Bell (our fabulous wedding photographer) to do a family portrait session. We have yet to see her proofs but my mom did manage to snap a couple great ones with my camera.
This is actually a really cool one of Kevin.
Nicely positioned shot of N&B.
All the kids.........original and new additions.
:: The Fantastic Four ::
And the even more fantastic six (and a bit).
Will try and upload Gloria's shots as soon as we get them but I think these are pretty great! Loves Ya Family!!


Mum said...

Great photos!! I'm sure the pros will be fab....look forward to seeing them. It's a bit freeky...the fam looks al'growd-up...must be time for a g-baby - YEAH!!

Shawna said...

Great shots! I want to see a new one of your growing belly too :: Love Auntie Shawna