Thursday, January 24, 2008

:: For Our Viewing Pleasure ::

This is so ridiculously long over due! This year Trevor and I really didn't plan to buy each other Christmas presents just because there was nothing that either of us really wanted. A week and a bit before Christmas I found a great 3-in-1 Columbia winter jacket at Costco and since I'd been wearing Trevor's windbreaker thus far it was nice to have something really warm. Then when we got back from our holiday on the mainland, my mom informed me that she and my dad and grandparents had found a great electric fireplace that my grandparents wanted to buy us for Christmas. We had been looking for one for a good few months but never seemed to be able to find a good quality decent looking unit. We went and had a look at it and thought it was perfect! So we went with my dad and grandpa to pick it up and my grandpa being the haggler that he is, got an extra $50 off the already on-sale price. So we got it home and set it up. Great. Christmas Day Eve, Trevor is flipping through the Brick flyer and saw a 32-inch Sony Bravia on sale for a great deal. Now I have to add that our 19-inch tube television is in perfect working order and I have no problem with it at all. I also have to add that we are really not need-the-newest-high-tech-gadget type people at this was way out of the norm for us. But in a momentary lapse of judgement (as I am calling it) I told Trev that if he wanted it, he'd have to get up at 5:00 and wait in line cause I was sleeping in. And so he did.
The now pitiful looking before set-up.......
.........and what greeted me Boxing Day morning when I got up. Have to say that, although I was expecting a 32-inch, it was quite a shock to see how large the television was compared to our old one!
I do have to say, now that we have completely recovered from our splurge :) that it really changes the whole look of our room and it is SO wonderful having a fireplace. I LOVE watching flames. It still kind of shocks me every once and a while but all in all we are very pleased and we have since decided that this was our Christmas and birthday presents for 2008!

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