Monday, January 7, 2008

:: Our Little Peach ::

According to, our baby is the size of a peach this week! Yep it's true.........Trev and I are expecting our first wee life. We have known since the end of October and chose to keep it to ourselves in case something happened and also to give us the chance to tell my family at Christmas while we were all together.
Here is my 6-week picture.
And last Sunday at 12-weeks. There's a tiny belly :)
I have been feeling really really well save for having a severe lack of energy but I know compared to what some women struggling through during pregnancy I am in no place to complain! I have really enjoyed being pregnant so far and it is even more fun now that our nearest and dearest can share in our excitement. I am 13-weeks yesterday and due sometime in late July. We are waiting for my 18-week ultrasound in February to get a more concrete date but we are fully expecting to be in the hospital for our two-year wedding anniversary on July 22. We are going to see the midwife for the second visit on Wednesday and are very excited to be able to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Keep checking back for continued baby updates and eventually (haha) I will catch up on the month of blogging I have missed!
God's Richest Blessings To You And Yours For 2008!


Amanda said...

Congratulation Trevor & Christy! We love you and are really looking forward to meeting your little one! I know, we have to be patient! Maybe we should meet ours first!
I like how you took your belly shots in the same outfit! You should continue that to show how much tighter the shirt gets!!

Shawna said...

YAY -- So happy for me...uh I mean you! Can't wait to be an Aunty to your little "peach" and to have a cousin close in age to our so fun and we are so happy for you both! Children are such a fabulous blessing!

Mum said...

Delighted, excited, thrilled, blessed, so happy, thankful, rejoicing....for you and Trev, and for us, too!