Monday, January 21, 2008

:: Getting Ready For Baby ::

I figured it was about time to sit down and do a little more blogging about this impending life! We've had our crib and stroller set since November and it was quite an adventure setting it up since we put it together downstairs before realizing that it wouldn't fit up the stairs :) We put our first boy in the crib to test it out........he didn't quite know what to think.
Mommy and her boy.
Then finally today we made a trip over the mountain to Home Depot to buy some new blinds. The rusted, white and tacky venetian blinds HAD to go.
And in come the new ones! Faux oak blinds that match the ones in the living room downstairs. SO much better.
The crib and classic Winnie-the-Pooh bedding and mobile.
This is my favourite piece. My mom bought this rocker when she got pregnant with my older brother Nathan and they recently got all new family room furniture and gave it to us. It is minus the cushions as we are having them recovered but I'm really happy to have it passed down. Thanks Mom and Dad!
Our car has the most fabulous fabric and we got this (in a travel system) for $100 off!
The stroller.
And the bags full of gifts that we have already received from family and friends. We are SO blessed.
Still feeling really well and noticing my tummy growing more and more. Also made a trip to Lululemon today and picked up a great pair of pants with a big thick waist band that can be rolled down and will fit well under a big belly :) Will keep you posted when we get out closet organizer in and the rocker pillows back. Ultrasound only a couple weeks away!


Shawna said...

YaY! I love everything - especially the rocker....It's SO beautiful, even more so since your Mum rocked all of you in it! Great job thus far, can't wait till you get to fill all of those things with a real live baby!

Amanda said...

The nursery looks great Christy & Trev! You are VERY organized!! I just bought our crib & change table yesterday! We still need to paint the nursery and assemble the furniture, purchase the car seat and stroller, all in 8 weeks!! haha!