Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Project Creep

I feel like it's been ages since I've blogged, even though it's only been just over a week. We normally enjoy a rather relaxed and non-busy schedule around here but this last week has been something else.........mostly due to me, and a little "disease" I suffer from that I like to call the "project creep".
For instance, I've been meaning (forever) to get out the paint cans and a brush and quickly touch-up a couple spots on the walls where the paint had been chipped. What started out as a one hour job somehow ended with an empty container of DAP and (no exaggeration) the entire lower floor of my house looking like it had the chickenpox, as my husband oberserved.
I ended up spending a total of about 10 hours sanding and DAPing, re-sanding and re-DAPing, then painting, painting and more painting.
The difference is unmistakable but it certainly doesn't leave a lot of time for the things I normally get done in a day!
Then next thing you know we're on the warpath, tackling our dreaded spare room and are on our way now to transform it into Denay's big girl room for a little later on in the year.
It's definitely not difficult for me to take even the simplist task and turn it into a renovation.
So if you're interested, do come back and visit. I'm still kicking around these parts........

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Joanne said...

Way to go! No better time for that kinda thing than in these dreary January days.