Saturday, January 10, 2009

:: Six Short Months Ago ::

I know that everyone says this when they have children, but wow, does time ever fly!
I can hard believe that it was six long/short months ago that our world was changed forever. On July 10th 2008, at 9:30pm after about six hours of labor at home, Denay Catherine quietly entered this world all pink and with a full head of hair.
Things have been non-stop ever since and that little girl is the light of my world.
:: A couple collages of the amazing event. Please excuse the bathing suit, I had spent some of my labour in my bathtub and I never ended up getting changed :) ::

The smiley lady in the lower left corner (above) is one of my midwives, Selena, who was completely amazing.

As of right now, Denay........

  • is almost sitting up unassisted
  • is sleeping from about 8pm-8am
  • is almost crawling (yikes)
  • rolls easily from her tummy to her back and visa versa (thank goodness)
  • is sucking her thumb when she is upset and will not take a soother
  • is eating cereal morning and evening, bottle of formula at lunch and nursing late in the afternoon. She seems to be less and less interested in breastmilk
  • is very small! We've just recently up'd her cereal and started the formula hoping to put some weight on her. She's still wearing newborn sleepers
  • is teething but has yet to pop a tooth
  • is starting to "play" more and having extended periods of being content (PTL!)
  • loves to "talk" (just like her mommy) and occasionally scream/yell, especially when daddy gets home from work
  • has the most beautiful smile in the world!

We(I) are taking her in for six-month shots Monday and will update you on her size and weight.

Happy Weekend!


susan said...

It's interesting for me to read about Denay because Isabelle is just 8 days older...they seem to be at the exact same stages, no sitting on her own but she sure rolls around & has been putting her bum up in the air trying to move around. There are times I'll put her on the floor and within seconds (minutes!) she's somewhere complete different.
Aren't they such fun! This is a great age!!!!
Isabelle is very "average" when it comes to size 50% percentile for basically everything (except for her large noggin)...Seth was tiny! He was around 5th or 2nd, and sometimes not even on the chart. Don't worry about Denay being get to enjoy the cute outfits longer!!

Happy Half Birthday Denay!! :-)

Joanne said...

And what a delightful little critter she is!! Can't think of our world without her now...Happy Six Months to the cutest wee princess I've ever known.

Laura said...

I love reading about your sincere and unconditional love for your daughter. She is such a sweet-pea! :)

Jason and Kristin said...

Great update!! So glad everything is well! It was so nice to see you guys at the wedding! Your little girl is beautiful and so sweet!

Crystal said...

Just curious. I am not having a midwife during my labor. They are so popular here, you have to request one basically the day you find out you are pregnant! Anyways, I would love to know any tips the midwife gave you for having a smooth labour:) I am really wanting to stear away from Drugs, so I would love to know your thoughts!

Shawna said...

YaY - a baby post, she is just so sweet! Can't wait to celebrate her full first year and just wait, she'll be a full on TODDLER!!! Crazy isn't it!?!?!