Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Little Baby Girl

It's been too long since I did an update on my one-and-only Denay! This girl is becoming less like my baby girl everyday and more like a toddler.
What is she up to you ask?
Well she......
-is just about full on walking. She is still a little wobbly but is relying less and less on crawling to get around.
-can sign "thank you", "please", "all done", "milk" and points to let us know what she wants
-is SUCH a chatter box! Just this morning I caught her standing in front of our mirrored closet doors flailing her arms and having a very serious conversation with the baby in the mirror
-is still napping twice a day and sleeps through the night
-just cut through her upper right front tooth so now she has three!
-eats a wide variety of foods but is still a little limited due to her lack of teeth
-still LOVES the water. I take to her the lake 3-4 times a week and I'm pretty sure she is half fish :)
-says "baby", "dada", "mum mum", and I could swear she said "all done" last week and "not that" this morning but who knows. We've also almost got her saying Oma.....she makes a tight circle with her mouth and says "Oooom"
-loves LOVES her daddy and her Oma
-still sucks her thumb and most recently her big toe
I am so enjoying mommyhood with her and feel so blessed that I am able to be at home, spending time with her and socializing her with all my girlfriend's baby girls. I look forward to the day she will have a sibling and I'll have two munchkins to play with!
I've got to get up and ready for a day at the lake so enjoy this awesome summer day!


Joanne said...

She's just unchable! Love her in the hat...yippee...cuddles tomorrow!!

Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

Okay, Denay is just WAY too cute! And about sucking her thumb, sometimes that just doesn't go away. My husband is 27 and ALWAYS sucks his thumb, haha. He would totally kill me if he knew I was writing this. But it's not like people don't know-he's always doing it. Haha, so you never know she might just such her thumb forever!