Wednesday, July 29, 2009

:: Did You Know That ::

......if you wanted to buy and air conditioner at a Canadian Tire on the island, you would be plum out of luck! That's right....we ran by our local store last night to look for something else (we already have an air conditioner) and stopped by the fan aisle to take a peek for Trev's co-worker and they were sold out. Then a lady in who was looking told us that they don't have any on the island.
I can understand though, it hit 40 degrees at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. Yikes. I almost thought my thermostat in my SUV was broken. We spent the afternoon at the lake and kept nice and cool.
Pictureless post, I know but I'm finishing packing for an overnight trip to the mainland for a shower being thrown for Denay by some dear "family".
Stay cool friends!

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Joanne said...

Excited to have a visit with the Princess and her entourage!