Thursday, July 23, 2009

:: A Cool Dip ::

Last week my mom, myself, my aunt, two cousins, my great aunt and my mom's cousin all took a trip to the mainland together. My mom just bought a puppy from Europe that was flying in on Wednesday so we all went over on Tuesday and spent some time at the mall before checking into a hotel and heading out for some Chinese food. We parted ways that morning and my cousin Brittany and I got picked up by Trev's mom and headed to her place to hang out with Denay's uncle, aunt and cousins. I somehow managed to not get big boy Jacob in any pictures though!
My MIL served up a hotdog lunch and even made homemade frozen yogurt.
It was such a treat watching Denay finally be able to "play" with her bigger cousins. She just sat in the pool and held onto the toy cars. It was a smokin' hot day and a cool dip in the kiddie pool was just the ticket!
Thanks again for everything grammie! Hope that all the work and driving was worth our short little visit.

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