Friday, July 24, 2009

The Review ::: The Proposal

The storyline of this RomCom goes that Margaret (Sandra Bullock) is a big time editor at a publishing company in NYC and Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) is her very whipped assistant. Turns out Margaret is set to be deported back to Canada so she blackmails Andrew, forcing him to marry her so she can stay in the country.If you are looking for a clean (with the exception of one scene) feel good flick that with have you belly laughing, I highly recommend this one. I've always been a big Sandra Bullock fan and she does not disappoint! I will admit that I snorted more than once and even missed a couple lines because I was doubled over in laughter. Make sure and stay a little into the credits as there is an added bit that will have your sides splitting!
Take you're boyfriend or husband or a bunch of girlfriends they will all enjoy it!


Crystal said...

Thanks for the review..I can't wait to see it..most likely on video now;)

jamiedelaine said...

I loved it too!! :)