Saturday, July 18, 2009

{ Introducing..... }

.....for the first time Miss Chloe!
This little perfect princess was born 12 days early to my best friend and her husband on Tuesday night at 9:42pm weighing 7lbs 13oz and 21 inches long during a homebirth.
I was on the mainland when I got an email from *K's husband asking me to phone them and I knew right away what had happened and the tears started to flow.We basically drove straight from the ferry to their house to meet Denay's future best friend.
And there were most tears the second I walked in the door and saw *K holding her sweet babe. Okay, how precious is she? did so great *K and I love you!
The happy new family!

Momma and baby are doing well. They are just naturals and are settling into parenting with ease. I would ask all you mom's out there to send up a quick prayer for this family as we all know what an overwhelming adjustment this can be.

Chloe is the last baby to arrive in a wave that we started last year when Denay was born. In the one year and four day time span between Denay and Chloe we have welcomed: Aylah, Hannah, Adaiah, Abigail, Evolette, Vivian, Adara, Rosa, Ava and now Chloe. And yes, those are ALL GIRLS born to our young adults group in the our church. This is not including our other seven various friends (some of the bloggers, ahem, Crystal and Elyshia) who have also welcomed girls in the past year. In fact, I only know of two boys that have arrived in that year. Phew! But, not to fear, the "second wave" (as it's being dubbed) has all ready started and we've got another one coming in January and I'm just sure she'll have a boy!

Does anyone else get baby fever when they hold a sweet newborn?


Shawna said...

She is BEAUTIFUL - and that shot of the three of them at the end is outstanding!

She looks a lot like Daddy -- But I'm sure Chloe will have her own beautiful details once she get's over the "just squeezed out of Momma" look ;)

Look at that hair! My word, bring on the bows!

The Samy's said...

Haha, I was just at the hospital today and my friend welcomed her little girl Zyanna and looking at how small she is makes me want another one....until I looked at mine and I think i will wait on that a bit!
I agree with Shawna on the shots that you took at then end, great work girl!

Anita said...

Wow, so many girls! My closest friend had a baby girl in May, and another one of my friends had her 3rd girl on Friday! Hmm... maybe if I get pregnant now.... noo, what am I thinking! lol

susan said...

I had a bit of baby fever this weekend when snuggling a friends little baby boy...he is 10 weeks old & so tiny!! When I came home to Isabelle my little screamer & Seth my "chatty cathy" (the boy version of course) that feeling of wanting another baby quickly faded.
They are pretty sweet though!!

Joanne said...

What a gorgeous wee girlie! Congrats to dear Kerry and Colin...and thanks to God for a safe delivery. I'm sure Chloe and Denay will be the best of friends, just like their Mommies.

Laura said...

What a sweetheart! It's quite something to rest your eyes on the baby of a woman you love, isn't it? I've been overwhelmed by that feeling when my sisters and close friends have had their babies. God is so good, putting that instant love in our hearts for these wee ones!