Friday, September 30, 2011

{Stuff I Loooove}

{pretty little bobble necklace}
the bestest part? FREE. yup, i hosted a SheBella party and this was my hostess gift
{pretty little liars}
guilty pleasure.....can't. figure. it. out.
that and i loooove the typography of the title
{repurposed canisters}
in the girls' playroom and playing house to all their hairbands, elastics, brushes and bows
i'm working on getting a some chalkboard labels off of etsy to spruce them up
{alphabet cookie cutters}
a gifty from grammie for my big girly
you can find them at superstore
if you've been there, no explaination is required
if you haven't, you need to go
'nough said
i seriously listen to (and possibly belt out at the top of my lungs) someone like you, turning tables, rolling in the deep, and set fire to the rain every. single. day
she is beautiful and fierce talented

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