Thursday, September 1, 2011

{Stuff I Loooove}

I've been collecting this list for a while.
It's just a schmozle of odds and sods that I've found useful/awesome.
{OPI Nail Lacquer in Elephantastic Pink}
{contigo reusable water bottles (from Costco)}
I found this in that "As Seen On Tv" section in the checkout aisles in Walmart and grabbed it on impulse (Mr. said I got sucked in). It is AWESOME. I have used it all over the house, in numerous different ways, and it gets two thumbs up from me!
It for Paisley's bum.
It works great and I prefer it over pentaten.
{live clean}
We've used their adult body wash (amazing), baby wash, 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, baby lotion, and their spray leave-in conditioner. Wonderful, environmentally friendly, organic ingredients.....What's not to love?
{glass storage}
$9.99 at London Drugs. It used to have a lid, then Denay broke it.
{storage jars}
Around $40 for all three at Walmart. Fab. U. Lous.
{cake platter}
Wedding Gift. This even looks great when there is nothing in it (right now it's full of a big ol' slice of Alana's vanilla cake).
{$13 fridge dry-erase calender}
Complete with pictures of my adorable nephews.
This website has become part of my morning routine. It plays almost all day and it is so uplifting and amazing....AND, totally advertisement free. I would highly recommend you try it!


Laura said...

We use Sudocrem too! Love it - not as thick as Penaten and doesn't smell bad like others!
ooooh, I'd like to try that OPI colour :)
Where do you buy your Live Clean products? Target? :)

Shawna said...

Meant to comment on this post...Love the Anchor Hocking jars from WM! They are my favorites too...and the website, I'll have to check it out once we get our speakers out of storage!

@Laura, I think she gets the Live Clean products from Walmart, LD also carries them!

Anonymous said...

Can you buy the water bottles at Walmart to?

Christy said...

The water bottles are from Costco!