Monday, September 12, 2011

:: First Day ::

Last Monday night, I crawled into Denay's little bed, lay down beside her and started to cry.
"What's wrong mummy?", Denay asked in her sweet little voice. "Mommy's just really going to miss you when you go to school", I responded. She propped herself up on one elbow, started stroking my cheek and saying, "It's okay mummy, it's okay".
She's just three, but it felt so right for her. She's so social and detailed and smart, we thought it would be good for her to get some early teaching above what she gets at home.
So on September 6th, I rolled over and panicked. Of course I would sleep in on her first day. But I managed to get both kids up and fed and changed and out the door in 15 minutes!
{First Day Of Preschool}
{of course, Daddy wanted to be there too, so his boss gave him some time off to come to school and hold his little girls hand}
{Infront of her backpack hanger}
{with mommy, who looks I only woke up a half hour ago}
{playing already (those are Paisley's chubby little hands in the side of the picture)}
I'll admit it, I was one of "those" mom's, standing at the door saying "bye" and "mommy loves you" a dozen times without any response from my completely distracted and excited daughter. Three hours later we were back to pick up a little girl who was full of stories and songs. She went back again on Thursday, again without a hitch. And while I'm missing my time along with her on those morning, it gives me some baby free time (while #2 naps) to get dinner prepped and the cleaning done, so that when she comes home, we have lunch and then a whole hour of straight playtime until afternoon naps!


Shawna said...

Love the first day photos - she's going to LOVE school and do SO well at it!

And you'll get used to the extra freedom time to spend with just PJ ;)

Oh and I love her dress...super cute ;)

Joanne said...

Dear girlie....I'm sure her teachers have already fallen under her spell.

She is smart
She is kind
She is important

God bless her as she ventures out into her world.

Laura said...

Okay, she is TOO cute!! Good for you, Mama, to do what's best for your daughter - she's obviously ready for this big step!
And that's so awesome that Trevor is such a supportive Dad!

Enjoy your morning time to yourself :)

Nancy said...

Treasure all these first...she is a lil gem!!!!!