Saturday, September 3, 2011


It's time.

Time for me to share again about an under-recognized issue in Canada (and worldwide for that matter): sex trafficking.

If you're around here often, you've seen the couple of blog posts I've done on some amazing friends of mine who are in the trenches of a very active war against the kidnapping and exploitation of women for sexual abuse (see those posts, here and here).

Michelle and Jay have just made a very exciting announcement via her
Hope For The Sold blog.......they are gearing up to make another documentary! Check that post out here (and if you've yet to see their first film, you can watch it here). Their next film will put the spotlight on the truths and realities of legalizing prostitution and exposing the facts of what a negative path that is, and focus on a model that is known to work and reduce the issue of human trafficking.

I've joined on as a prayer partner, and am on day 10 of a 40 day prayer focus with them.
Would you join me, in joining with them?
Jay and Michelle are both only in their mid-twenties, but are true veterans of faith and trust and once again are stepping out in the belief that their God is bigger. He is stronger. And He is faithful to do beyond all that we could even imagine.
They need prayer, they need finances and they need contacts.
If you can provide any of those things, please contact them via Michelle's blog (they are REALLY nice, I promise).
Let's stand up, use our voices and rise against these abuses, and do our part to bring hope and healing.......

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