Monday, September 19, 2011

::: A Last Playdate :::

Goodbyes are hard.
I had to say a pretty rough one last week, and I mean rough.
I've known Becca for years, and over the past few, have grown deeply in my friendship with her.
Along with her husband and two girlies, she moved to Fernie on Tuesday where her husband got a new job.
I cried a lot, and gave and was given a lot of hugs.
{Evie (almost three), Michal (four) and Denay}Photobucket
{these goofballs spent over an hour playing our bed, jumping, and taking turns doing "silly things"}
{on tuesday, the day before she left, our little group of momma's met at the park for one last playdate, one last momdate. as per usual, yours truly brought along her camera to capture everything}
{Michal (4), Olivia (4), Denay (3), Evie (Michal's sister, almost 3), Chloe (2), Abigail (almost 3), Caleb (4), Gavin (Caleb's brother, almost 3)}
{hands up!}
{this is part where everyone started crying}
{Me (with Paisley), Becca (mom to Michal and Evie), Kelly, (back row, mom to Olivia), Kerry (mom to Chloe), Megan (back beside Kelly with Baby Gracie, almost 9 months), Natalie (mom to Abigail, with Charlotte, 16 months), Alana (mom and to Caleb and Gavin)}
I love these women. They are my friends, my sisters, my support and encouragement and my Bachelorette viewing buddies. They are all incredible, real, strong and amazing.
Becca, thanks for being you. For being there, for listening, for laughing. We we all miss you so very much and our little town will be a little less wonderful without you!


Alana said...

Yeeesh, now I'm crying again!

Michelle said...

I too have just had to say goodbye to a family that has truly touched my heart. I'm with you in spirit as we sob our hearts into our tissues!