Sunday, June 10, 2007

Best Three Days Ever - Day One

So we've pretty much had our first awesome week of the summer! I'll start with day one, Friday. My older brother's girlfriend was visiting from Manitoba where they are living so we had a family dinner at my parent's house. We had blast and it was so great to see Brice and spend some time with her.
This is my oldest little brother Kevin............This looks really gross but we had delicious ribs, sweet thai chili chicken wings and potatoes. Just good simple food!
Two of my mom's little babies......Skyla on the left and little Chance on the right......My youngest little brother Ryan being a dork.
Brice and my daddy-o. My dear husband and my most favourite of my mom's kids, Jazzy. She is due to have puppies in about a week and a half.
Diesel, on the left, was sold not too long ago but comes over for visits when his new parent's go away for long trips. He is Trev's favourite!My momma with our newest addition Barbie, she's still a little shy but is coming around slowly!
Ryan and Chance........
Me and the guest of honor.........Brice had just gotten a new cell phone and we were both taking pictures like crazy!
Here's what was left of the ice cream cake I brought over for dinner. Darn good though!
I took this in the reflection of Ryan's laptop, it's kind of dark but turned out really neat.We had such a great time and lots of laughs. We left at about 9:00 and caught the late show for Ocean's 13 at the theater in town. Just as the movie was beginning, about 8 of our friends showed up and we got to watch it with them. It was the perfect end to our Friday, we loved the third installment of the Ocean's films. If you are a fan, we I would definitely recommend you see it!
Coming up next, my awesome Saturday.................

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Shawna said...

Is it just me or do Ryan and Chance have the same expression in the picture of them near the bottom of your post!!?!? :)