Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Second Best Three Days Ever - Day One

So I've had another wonderful three days..........here we go! Saturday after I got home from work my mom called and asked me if I wanted to go to a dog show that her puppy Gabby was entered in. I had not much else to do so I said yes. By the time we got there it had stopped raining which was nice but Gabby didn't do too well. She was very jumpy and was walking around with her tail between her legs (not a good thing!). But I had fun either way spending some time with my mumma.
Here's her doing her walk around the ring with Gabby, this is the one time she had her tail up.
Then later that night Trev and I and two of my brothers and my parents had tickets to the Monster Spectacular at the Save-On-Foods Center in Victoria. Keep in mind that this is an ice rink sized area so it wasn't like something you might see at a much larger venue but we had fun!
Here's my littlest bro Ryan in front of a jacked-up Silverado..........he's happier than he looks, really.
Trevor standing under the "Jurassic Attack" truck.........Super dork Ryan in line getting autographs from all the drivers............
Me and my bubby with one of the trucks. Can't remember what is was called but it's a Canadian outfit so it was my fav!As you will see later on, the pictures of the motor cross riders turned out really blurry but I did get this still when one of the riders wiped out big time and his bike went flying into the boards and was badly damaged. The rider was okay but didn't ride anymore that night or the Sunday show.
The "Bounty Hunter" getting some good air off of the demo cars.
My dear dad and younger brother Kevin thoroughly enjoyed all the noise and carnage along with the rest of us.Ryan and Trev............
They crammed four full grown men on a little 2WD quad and drove all the way around the area on to wheels...........cheesy but fun.
All the guys checking out the guts of these gigantic marvels of machinery.And my momma.........having a great time. She was the only one who brought ear plugs!
The happy couple...........we're 11 months married this Friday!

This one is hard to make out but it's the best of all the motor cross shots I got. The red blur on top is in the driver and the thingy below is the bike........you get the idea!
Almost straight vertical, this guy took home the best run of the night by far.
This was Trevor's favourite part...........the burnouts. You can see very clearly how smoggy it was in there with all the fumes.
The whole clan (minus my dad and I) in the green beast on the way home.
Things like this really bring me back to my country girl roots cause I just love all the noise and the smell and learning about how these machines run and watching them crush and destroy. I think the neatest thing was when the MC was introducing one of the motor cross riders, he said that this certain rider wants to let everyone know that his biggest sponsor is Jesus. And that just really touch me and challenged me about my boldness and pride of sorts, in my faith. Our God appears in the coolest places. But it's off to bed for tonight, but check back for Sunday and Monday and pictures of our hardwood floors that we are getting refinished this week!

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