Thursday, June 21, 2007

Father's Day Part Two

On Monday, Dad and Mum Mac came over from the mainland to have a visit and to celebrate Father's Day. Trev got dad a BBQ accessories kit........Elmo quite enjoyed the wrapping paper part of the present. He's gotten so big!!Trev's parents have also recently upgraded all of their kitchen appliances and since their old stove was white (like all our appliances) they brought it over for us to have!
Here is our old one.........BEFORE
And AFTER........such a gorgeous cook top since we are very good for turning on our elements and setting of the smoke detector!The full picture.
After a little moving and lifting admiring our new deck, we headed off for Victoria. Mum and Dad had gotten tickets to see the Titanica Imax and then to view the Titanic museum exhibit. We had great time and I personally learnt some things I didn't know. It was quite sobering to get an idea of what those aboard the Titanic's maiden and only voyage went through. The really neat part about it was upon entering the museum you were handed a boarding pass with the actual name of one of the passengers, their age, why they were travelling and who they were travelling with. Then at the very end of the exhibit you found out whether you survived or not. I was a 29 year old travelling 3rd class with my four children and all of us perished as did dad. Trev and mom survived. After leaving we took the block walk to the inner harbour and enjoyed the sunshine!
Trev and I......Mum and Dad.......
Trev and his parents strolling along. It was so warm and sunny!
This sailboat/yacht was moored in the harbour. It's mast was 175 feet tall and the boat was 134 feet long. It kind of look like a cross between a giant cigarette boat and a sailboat.
A shot of The Empress.........I think that if I was ever forced to live in a big city (I'm NOT a city girl) I would live in Victoria. It is so beautiful and green and full of life.
These two guys yelled at me to take a picture of them while I was taking the picture of the Empress. So I did..........
We had dinner at Milestones on the wharf........
We truly had a wonderful day with mom and dad. It was so nice to just walk and talk and spend time with them. Thanks again and with all our hearts for the stove, and for the museum and dinner. Thank you and we love you!
P.S. Our floor re-finisher guys said they were aiming to have to floor done today but when I got home it hadn't been touched (grrrr). Be sure to check back for before and afters and our night at the Lipizzaner Stallions.
Aloha and Mahalo!



Miles is a great restaurant. We like to drive up to the top of the Oly pen. and take the ferry across. Nice blog, but you need a boston terrier to complete your life!


Hi, in response to your question, I was just "blogging along." There is a picture of our boston terrier on my blog under a title called "Matches Man." I think you'd like it.