Monday, June 25, 2007

Just A Little BBQ At The McClelland's

So since the weather was clearly not nice enough to head out to the lake again we had a bunch of our friends over for burgers at our house. It spat and rained here and there but we had a good time. Some how Blue Collar comedy tour ended up in the DVD player and we all had a great laugh!
Luke and Tim........Tim is working as a forest firefighter in 100 Mile House right now but he misses us so much he comes back often to visit!
My dear hubby pretending to be using the BBQ.
Two of my girls, Kerry and Amanda..........
Cody, Matt, Colin and Christan hangin' out........
And Damno (aka Damon) enjoying his burger!Trevor and I had to leave early for a birthday dinner at my parents house (posting to follow) but we left Kerry in charge of locking up and making sure the place didn't burn down. We surely never tire of entertaining our friends and welcoming them into our home, as long as they don't wear their shoes on our hardwood :)

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