Sunday, June 10, 2007

Best Three Days Ever - Day Two

So Saturday started off just like any other one, got up and went to work. Got home around 12:30 and fiddled around the house for an hour until I realized how tired I was (after watching the late show the night before) and decided to crawl into bed for a nap. Well, to say the least I woke up at 5:00 when Trev got home from work. So we had just enough time to quickly get ready to head out to my best friend Kerry's end of the year dance recital. We had second row seats and a great view of the whole show.
This was the first number to come out, kind of an African modern jazz number.
These little ones were dressed up as bell hops with suitcases.......super cute!
This was an adult ballet class number called Peacocks, it was so beautiful and graceful. This was the most adorable. Their piece was called "Do You Believe In Magic" and at the very end they were supposed to take off their top hats and pull a little stuffed rabbit out. One of girls very enthusiastically waved her hand over her hat and went to pull out the rabbit and when she couldn't find it, walked off stage in utter confusion. The whole audience was in stitches watching because the rabbit was on top of her head.
These little ones were dressed as unicorns..........absolutely adorable.
This was the piece that we came to see. Kerry was in the adult jazz/hip hop class. Their music was from the Save the Last Dance soundtrack. She was totally great, love ya girl!
She's the blond in the middle......Afterwards a bunch of us went to Tim Horton's. That's Steph on the left, then Tim, Kerry's older brother, Julie, Kerry's younger sister and Kerry.
Faith and Amanda having a good chat over some coffee and Tim Bits.
Only a wife could love that face......especially at 11:00 at night!We, again, had SO much fun watching not just Kerry's, but all of the performances. And you can't go wrong with some quality time with friends at Timmy's! Keep reading for the last post of our great three days.........

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