Sunday, June 10, 2007

Best Three Days Ever - Day Three

We started our Sunday out right - with a good breakfast. Our good friends Dan and Rebbeca invited us over for pancakes at their place, just down the road. We were there for 9:30 and enjoyed Dan's signature pancakes and strawberries.
This is Becca modelling the Cool Whip...........they are expecting their first baby in about two weeks and we are so excited!
Trev and Dan getting in some Xbox time before we headed off to church........

My best friend Kerry just bought a used Sea-Doo and trailer last week and even though the weather was a little gloomy, Kerry and I decided we wanted to risk the gray skies and tow the Doo the 25 km drive to the lake for some wakeboarding. Needless to say, when we got there it was pouring rain, which wouldn't have been a problem but it was also super windy which makes for miserable boarding.
We still got to check our her new toy while we were there. Here's Kerry and her dad checking out the storage compartment. Amanda and Cody (who is wearing my life jacket for some reason) trying to keep warm in the rain.
We missed the action but apparently just before Trev and I arrived Colin had an urge to jump in the lake, in all his clothes. The turban looks hot on ya Colin!
The whole Postma clan minus oldest child Tim and second youngest Julie. We love this family!
As Kenny Chesney said, you know it's summer when "You got, two bare feet on the dashboard....."So we figured since we can't board in the water, we would do the opposite and go for a hot tub at Amanda's place. Which turned out a little ironically because when we got back to Duncan it was sunny and warm! C'est La Vie...........The guys came up with a great game that kept us gals entertained. They were basically chasing the dog around the yard trying to grab his squeak toy. Pretty hilarious!
Ryan and his Mongolian Warrior hat that he picked up on his recent trip to the country.........nough said.
A rousing game of Bocce Ball...........I decided to pass and sun bathe instead!
We left Amanda's, ordered some pizza and had everyone over to our place. Kerry and Amanda were a tad tired and had a nap together on the love seat. A day in the sunshine will do that to ya!The youngest Postma daughter Lisa trying on her older brother Tim's biking jacket. A little big but you look tough Lisa!
Kerry out on the deck keeping warm in Trevor's sweater!We're going to try again to get out to the lake for sure next Sunday if not tomorrow, weather permitting. I can't even describe how excited I am for summer! I will update tomorrow with pictures if we do make it out to the lake! Have a happy week everyone!


Shawna said...

Soon enough you will be out at the lake and the cold days will be behind you! Maybe this weekend you will make it out there!?!?!!? The weather isn't too promising though!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl. That was one of my favorite days this summer as well, except that I was so dang tired! There will be a sunny day out this summer and on a Sunday I have hope for the everlasting.....