Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Father's Day........

Well we started out our Father's Day the right way........with brand new babies. Got a call from my mom Sunday morning at around 10:00 saying that little Jazzy was in labour and had already had two boys! Since Trev had a service call for work (more on that later) I decided to head to my parents and see the new additions.
Here's Jazz with her puppies. She ended up having three boys and one girl, not ideal but we will take it!
Just to give those who have never seen papillon puppies before an idea of just how small they are, I put a normal sized bottle of nail polish beside them. The fourth little one was eating when I took the picture. I think my mom said the heaviest one was just over five ounces. So like I said earlier, Trev's work phone rang just after 10:00 for a re-torque on a truck. So I drove him down to the shop thinking I could make a quick stop at my parents then head back to pick him up and we could go to church. However, I phoned him on my way and he had gotten another call so I went to church without him. He ended up showing up halfway through with his work truck. So after church I followed him to the store in our car so he could drop the truck off. Just thought I'd take a shot of the supposed hours of Sunday on there :)
Me keeping myself entertained in the car.
We left straight from there to meet the fam for brunch for Father's Day at my old work. We all chipped in and bought my dad a brand new cordless drill and hacksaw.
The bro's enjoying their buffet...........
My very dear dad..........Happy Father's Day! Thanks for all the work and time you've put into helping us with our house. We love you!
And then there's's scary how much of myself I see in him!
Straight after lunch we ran home, changed into our bathing suits, packed up the car and followed Kerry and her dad out to their lake lot to try and get the new Sea-Doo out!
Kerry and her brother putting it in the water for the first time!
I felt so honored as Kerry asked me to take the christening run with her! Here we are getting it started up........
BUT.........this is about as far as we got! After about 50 feet or so the Sea-Doo died and would not start. We floated out in the lake for 10 or so minutes before my dear husband dove in and swam out. He tried a few things to no avail so we called in the reinforcements. Our friend Ryan was also at the lake with his two Sea-Doos and came out to help. He tried jumping the battery which didn't work either. So after 15 minutes of that they towed us to shore and thoughtmaybe the battery was the problem so we took it out and put a battery from one of the other Sea-Doos in hoping it would work.
I was just waiting and waiting some more.It was after another half hour of fiddling that Trevor noticed this little knob. If you can make it out, the sign on the bottom indicates no gas, which is where the knob was turned to. So after we all had a good hearty laugh and turned the dial a quarter turn clockwise to there was actually GAS getting to the engine and jumped the battery one more time we were off and running!We took it out for a spin and Kerry let me drive. It took me about 40 seconds to lean into a turn too hard and throw us both off! So we returned to the dock wet and laughing.
Trev took a turn on Ryan's machine with Micah............
And although we were all having a blast, it was difficult to forget that it was quite chilly! Ryan came up with this getup to keep him warm.This is the youngest Postma of the eight, Simon, sweetest little boy you will ever meet. He came walking down in his bare feet with a bag of marshmallows and roasting stick. So cute!
Since everyone wanted a turn to drive, by the time we were able to actually get out and wake board the wind had picked up and the water was very rough but I decided to give it a go anyways.
Can't see too great but that's me on the back with Kerry driving and her brother to spot.
Post wake boarding........I'd never boarded behind a Sea-Doo before and it was much more difficult and physically demanding. After a few runs and some fiddling with the length of the rope I could hardly walk. Plus I was freezing. I sat in front of the fire for about an hour before the chill started to fade. But well worth it, I had such a good time.
Some of the gang gathered around the fire hanging out and eating cookies!
Amanda, Trev and Kerry's sister Lisa having a laugh...........
And other Amanda having some fun with my camera.
So by the time we got home we had been out at the lake for about 6 hours and what a day. Even though it certainly wasn't sunny we had such a blast goofing around the spending time with some great people. I just know this summer is going to be a great one!
It's Thursday night now and I am still a little sore from wake boarding..........coming up, our day with Trevor's parents and hopefully some before and after of our hardwood floors!
Aloha..........and mahalo for reading!

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