Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mish Mash

I'm One! On Sunday Trev and I crossed the sea to the mainland for little Jacob's very first birthday. But because I very foolishy forgot my camera, all I've got is this old picture from Trevor's birthday a couple months ago. We had a great time at Paul and Shawna's newly renovated home that looks positively fabulous. Shawna made an adorable 3D rubber ducky cake complete with soap and bubbles.
Happy Birthday Jacob, we love you so!
While we were on the mainland we got together with Trevor's childhood friend Joel for dinner at The Keg. We found out that he had a track race on Tuesday in Victoria so we both left work a little early and whizzed down there to watch him run the 400m.
Here he is getting numbered up.......

And in the blocks just seconds before the gun went off.....He didn't end up winning but Trev and I really enjoyed watching not only his but some of the other races that went on afterwards. It was neat as well because it was an international meet and there were plenty of teams from Brazil and Mexico as well as tracks teams from all across Canada. You're our very favourite runner Joel!

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