Monday, June 25, 2007

The World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions

Last Friday, Trev and myself and two of our friends got tickets to go see the Lipizzaner Stallions at the Cowichan Arena. I'd seen the show a couple years before and very much enjoyed it and definitely wanted Trev to see it.
It was our 11 month anniversary on how time flies!
Amanda and Abigail, our companions for the evening! Abigail also saw the show when it was in town a few years ago.........
Here's all the horses behind the curtain pre-show preparing with their "mounts", as they were called. Some of them looked so sad I just wanted to run down and pet them! The announcer.........he had some weird name that we can't remember now.

All the horses lined up at the beginning of the show.
They performed lots of different sequences and maneuvers and some dressage as well........
This piece was done to some big band music from the 50's and the horse was covered in sparkles and had glitter braided into it's tail. And this little bow.......doesn't get much more adorable!
They also did a salute to all of the Canadian soldiers who had part in saving a herd of Lipizzaner's from destruction near the end of the World War II.
Another camera was taking horribly blurry pictures so I had a very small sampling to choose from!
I played around with the color settings on my camera as well and got some neat shots.
As you can see on the ground the horses did so well until near the very end when it seemed one after the other was relieving itself on the mat.....not so cute.
The End............
To be truly really honest the show wasn't quite what I remembered it to be from a couple years ago but I still really enjoyed it. It's just amazing what they can train these horses to do and the very subtle and mostly unnoticeable cues that the mount gives the horse and makes it steer this way and that. And the air that they get during some of the jumps was huge. I did get some shots but they were all blurry of course! It was just nice to spend a night out with friends and enjoy some great entertainment........there's something about it that really refreshes me.
Until Next Time...........Aloha and Mahalo.

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