Monday, March 15, 2010

:: Bob-Bob's Birthday ::

We were on the mainland this weekend to celebrate my father-in-laws 57th birthday. Pretty much any kind of activity exhausts me these days but we just spent lots of time relaxing and watching the little ones play together. Since we weren't going to be together for Easter, my MIL had an egg hunt for the kids. I was surprised how quickly Denay picked it up and I think her bucket was almost the fullest out of the kids (not that that had anything to do with me helping her). We also enjoyed a very nice steak dinner and my SIL Shawna's amazing carrot cake.

On Sunday we enjoyed a great service at CLA, where we got to see lots of friends, and then were back at Trev's parent's for a yummy yummy brunch. Paul came inside just before we ate and told me I needed to bring my camera, so out I went to find this.......
......Denay was all ready for a quad ride with Jacob. She got to the end of the driveway and onto the road and then the breakdown happened. Auntie Shawna saved the day and tried a couple more times to no avail. Then Paul came and got me again and I arrived outside to see my husband squished into a toddler toy with Denay on this lap and that was the only way she wanted to ride!
It was so good to see Denay having fun with her cousins and to see her cousins mushing her with kisses and love.
Ahh, I am blessed with marvelous family.

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Shawna said...

Bah! What a fabulous weekend! Love you guys SO much!