Friday, March 26, 2010

I've mentioned before on here that I am a big fan of, and use all the time, Febreze Noticables plug-in air freshener. I am constantly getting compliments about how good our house smells and considering we have an indoor cat, that's a good thing.
A few months ago I was picking up some refills and came across a new line of spray fresheners and I fell head-over-heels for their new scent Brazilian Carnival. Long story short, I've checked our numerous stores over and over again since then trying to find the scent in plug-in form. Trevor and I were grocery shopping this week and I just glanced down the aisle not expecting to see anything new but alas, I spotted a differently colored box and to my delight the scent was finally available (so I bought three in case it didn't last)!

It's not like any other scent I've ever used but it's not too sweet or fake or overpowering.......

I am in love.

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Anita Grace said...

ooo... I have a plug in too & you've sparked my curiosity to try out that scent ~ thanks for the tip!