Thursday, March 4, 2010

:: My Vancouver Experience ::

Riding on the tail of my last post, I wanted to post a few of the very few pictures I took while on our trip to the Olympic city.
:: Dancers performing ::

:: Visiting the cauldron with some of my teammates in our matching authentic Cowichan toques ::

:: We got to skip the three hour wait to get into the Russia house because we had small kids. Good thing too, cause it was kind of lame ::

:: My two favourite people spending the day with the teams ::

I'm so glad that I ended up going and having the chance to experience all the things that I did. God truly sustained me and filled me to overflowing with everything that I needed. Being able to connect with the younger dance teams and spend time in the evenings tucking in the youngest girls was one of the most precious things to me.
Being downtown when the women took gold in hockey was a memory I will have forever. Stopping in front of the Canadian Mint that had a giant two hour wait and singing "Oh, Canada" at the top of my lungs.
The feeling of pride and patriotism was something I'd never seen or experienced in Canada, even on Canada Day. I've always loved my country. We've had a flag flying off our house for years now and I hope this Canadian pride doesn't extinguish with the flame.

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Crystal said...

I was downtown when the woman took God too! so cool:)