Thursday, March 18, 2010

{Creamy (Yummy) Baked Potato Soup}

While at my inlaws this weekend, I came across a magazine with this recipe on the cover and I couldn't help but pick it up.
{I will add here that I am really not a magazine reader, at all}
I ended up flipping through the whole thing, making myself very hungry in the process. Just before we left I very casually ask my mother-in-law if she would notice if the magazine disappeared. Turns out she'd thought of me when she bought it and graciously let me take it home (thanks mum!).
The entire ferry ride home I was earmarking and starring each recipe that caught my eye but I wanted to try this one first.
Here's how mine turned out.......
Yummy. Yummy.
This soup eats like a meal for sure! I went the more calorie friendly route and used turkey bacon and we really didn't notice the difference!
This is a great quick meal that is ideal comfort food for sure.
You can check out the recipe here and I would love to hear if/when any of my friends out there give it a try.

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