Sunday, March 13, 2011


Okay, so my "Ask Me A Question" post was an epic fail.

Thanks to Michelle and Kim for your encouragement :)

And thanks to Lisa and Shawna for asking me something (I feel so cool)!

Shawna asked, "What is your most favourite thing do to in your spare time...I know what you're thinking - what spare time ;)"

{Answered} - You're reading it! When I do have some time to sit down, I love to get out all my thoughts and daily goings on on my blog. It feels like a way to journal my life and keep track of it and also sort out the jumble that is my head most of the time. I also love to read. Ever since picking up The Oath (Frank Peretti) in high school, I've read hundreds of books and you will never not find a book on my nightstand. I love to read Christian fiction (mostly because of the lack of sexual content and bad language, of which I depise in books) and am a sucker for thriller/suspense/crime drama....although if you were a fly on the wall of my bedroom, you might just find "Pride & Prejudice" cracked open (Thanks Amber). Scrapbooking is another way that I take time for me while doing something timeless for my kids. I have a weekly date with two girlfriends and we sit and chat and scrap our kids lives, while doing life's very enriching!

Lisa asked, "What is God teaching you right now? The best lesson you have learned since...being a wife....and, since being a mom? Favourite CD right now?"

{Answered} - The answer to the first two questions is one and the same. Right now I'm learning and discovering that in order to be a good wife and mom and person, I need to take care of Christy. I struggle with feelings of guilt when I want to get away and take a break from all things wife and mom because I think I SHOULD WANT to be around my family all the time. God is teaching me much about my worth and that I need to take time to be who He made me in order to be the best spouse and mother I can be. So I've been making a point to spend time with girlfriends, I joined my church choir and have been trying to engage myself in much more events that feed my soul.

On a totally different note, I've been listening to a lot of One Republic lately and the more I listen, the more I love. I think my favourite song right now is "Marching On".

So, that's it. Thanks for the comments ladies!

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