Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{What We Wore Wednesday}

I always swore I would never do this, yet here I am. I want to preface this post by making sure it is said that this is not everyday wear for me. Normally, you will find me in yoga pants and a t-shirt (if I don't plan to leave the house) or jeans and a top of some sort and some sneakers if we're headed out. On this particular day, I was headed out for a playdate and decided, "Dangnabit. I'm actually going to get dressed today". I also want to add that it took me a good half hour to put this together.

So, now that I've dashed all your disillusions about what these pictures portray, let's get to it.

:: The far left is Denay early last week. I was having a shower and got out to find her in what you see here. I laughed and took a picture. She has very edgy taste, no? The other two photos are from Friday, on our way to a playdate at a friend's. The infinity scarf I had just gotten at a SheShe Purse Party the night before (I have been coveting one ever since my SIL got one at Christmas). The top, jeans and shoes were a birthday gift from my MIL and are Winners and Shoe Warehouse respectively, the belt was from Reitmans and the sweater was on the discount rack at Warehouse One and I think it was $12 ::Image and video hosting by TinyPic
So, there you have it! So I looked cute....mostly because my MIL has great taste :)

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Joanne said...

In my opinion y'all always look as cute as a button!