Monday, March 14, 2011

-Hope For The Sold-

Back in fall, I arrived to bible study and had just sat my big pregnant but down when a new face reached over from the opposite couch, gave me a good firm handshake (I love a good firm handshake, says a lot about a person) and introduced himself as Jay and the lovely lady next to him as his wife Michelle. Jay and Michelle have quite the life story that has taken them all over the world and they came here for an internship at my church.

Jay and Michelle are two very passionate people. After attending the film "Trade" five years ago, their lives were changed forever. Ever since, they have dedicated themselves tirelessly to fighting sex trafficking in Canada.

Michelle has a blog called Hope For The Sold. I would encourage you to pop over and have a read.

A few Monday's ago, I attended the screening of their documentary "Enslaved and Exploited: The Story of Sex Trafficking in Canada" at church for Social Justice Movie night. Some of the things I heard and saw broke my heart and sickened my stomach. I left feeling enraged, but helpless in a way. What can a busy SAHM do about such a thing? They handed out a information sheet of books and documentaries, email addresses and contact information. I'll be honest and say that I haven't had a chance to really look it over yet, but I knew one thing I could do was spread the word. One thing Jay and Michelle talked about during the Q&A after the film, was that AWARENESS is the first step. Spreading the word so that people know that sex trafficking exists in Canada is so important. There are so many things I plan to do including sending some emails to Parliament and notes of encouragement to some big fighters of the industry but I wanted to do the quickest and easiest first, share it with all of you.

Pray for Jay and Michelle, pray for justice and pray for the leaders of our country to have wisdom and strength to fight.


Shawna said...

Unbelievable the amount of destruction that is happening in the dark in our world.

One of my friends visited Thailand last year and said that even the pastor was leaving the hut in the middle of the night and then coming back before his family woke. We need to pray without ceasing for protection over our families, spouses and world to be protected from Satan.

Thanks for bringing light to such a horrible fact in this world.

And way to go J&M for pulling the blinders off your eyes and putting your hand to the plow. Your work and efforts will not go unnoticed!

Michelle B said...

Wow, what a beautiful post Christy! I am honoured. Thank you for coming to our event and for spreading the word about this dark issue. Such a blessing to read this today!

Cammy said...

Great post Christy!!

I am working on a letter to MPs and MLS and the PM. If you would like, I can print of extra copies for you and Trevor to sign and send.

Lisa B. said...

My sister in law has founded an organization called Canada Fights Human Trafficking, a non-profit working to fight this exact issue.
It is amazing the lack of "attention" this issue gets from the news media today...most likely because it happens right in our OWN nation.

Props to your friends for fighting this HUGE battle...and making people aware in the process...its a long road but the eternal rewards are endless!