Friday, March 11, 2011

Paisley's Dedication Weekend :: Part Two

Paisley was dedicated alongside little Millie, who is the second daughter of our good friend's Tyler and Lizzie.

:: Paisley was so good for Pastor Shane as he walked her around and showed her off to the church. It was so cute, once both babies had been taken by the Pastor's to walk down the aisles, Denay and Adaiah were both asking where Paisley and Millie had gone ::

I also wanna give a big shout of thanks to our friend Jan with Orange Passion Photography for taking photos with my camera for us!

After church we had a yummy croissant and fresh tray bun lunch with everyone. Our wonderful family all brought something to share and the spread was wonderful (I'm a huge sucker for a deli sandwich and pototo salad). My girlfriend Alana with CAKES By Alana (who also did Denay's 2nd birthday cake here) made a beautiful two-tier purple paisley apple cake.....which, during our little photo op, Paisley literally dug, right into....and we let her.

I'll admit it, there were tears when everyone left.

We're always crashing houses when we visit, getting meals and yummy treats made for us and I absolutely love being about to spoil my family back a little and have them in my house, serving them. I miss my nephews and my sister-from-another-mister. Spending a whole weekend laughing (and yelling over the kids), eating and being together makes my heart ache to be able to do it so much more often. Since my brothers all live out of province, having a get together with my family all together only happens about once every two years, so I cherish the times when I can be all together with my other family.

I love my family and we are so abundantly blessed to have had one full side (with a great grandparent even) here with us to support us and love on us and be with us in joy to celebrate our sweet little Paisley-girl!


Joanne said...

Oh, what a fun weekend we had! Thanks so much for hosting all the eating events....delish! Love visiting your Island Kingdom...especially for such a wonderful occasion. Paisley Joy....we are truly thankful to God for you!

Meg said...

What a blessing it was to watch you and Trev pledge to raise Paisley to love Jesus as much as He loves her! You have a beautiful family and we love you!