Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Okay, no laughing or judging or gasps of total shock and awe and confusion.
I have never made soup (that wasn't from a can. Which, if you're getting picky, isn't actually making anything).
Not once in my life.

I have no idea why I had it stuck in my brain that it would be so hard but I did.
On Friday last week I made a stuffed roasting chicken for dinner in my slo-cooker, and just being the two of us eating (since Denay's reaction to the word "meat" is "Oh, I don't like it"), we had leftovers. So on Saturday, I boiled a couple chicken thighs so I had chicken water (and yes, that is the technical term, if you were wondering) and I was off to the races.

Here, is my soup journey:

VEGGIES! Lots and lots of them. I kind of used my soup as a way to clean out all of the almost-ready-to-start-sprouting-NEW-life vegetables in my fridge. I chopped up onion, carrot, green and red pepper, celery and mushrooms.

Once the chicken thighs were cooked through, I asked (made) my husband get his hands dirty. The thought of ripping apart chicken with my bare hands was less than appealing at the time. He got all the meat from the roasting chicken and thighs off and into the chicken water (technical term) they went.
I didn't have any noodles on hand so I poured a couple cups of rice in there along with some frozen peas (I know what you're thinking, seriously Christy, MORE veggies) and then let everything simmer while I cooked up the cold vegetables in a frying pan. Once they were slightly cooked, I added them to the pot and let all the flavours and ingredients get all acquainted and happy and warm.

And I'm pretty sure I read somewhere, sometime that it's illegal in Canada to eat soup without cheese biscuits. So not wanting to get busted, I whipped up a batch of cheesy, peppery, flaky and yummy biscuits.

You can't totally tell from the photo, but there are just over a dozen biscuits....and there were three adults eating (my dad joined us for supper).
Don't do the math, it's embarrassing.

I had a few, okay.
Remember, no judging.

Anyways, the meal was oh-so-delish. Just the kind of thing you need to eat on a Saturday night to warm up your insides.

Let them eat soup!


Shawna said...

Looks yummy - great job! You are no longer a virgin, a soup virgin that is ;)

Ps. my favorite soups to make are broccoli, cauliflower, butternut squash (w/ curry), carrot & ginger..and of course it has to be with home made biscuits!

Oh, and if you see frozen veggies on sale, they are always a great way to make soup. Fresh veggies are sometimes so expensive so if you use frozen, you make your dollar go further.

Oh and google recipe for Red Lobster biscuits and you'll find a super easy (not-from-scratch) biscuit recipe...oh my, I just gained 2 lbs!!!!

Michelle said...

I've been using the site you suggested, Pioneer Woman. The Chicken Tortilla soup is absolutely delicious! Give it a try :)

Alana said...

Way to go! Soup intimidated me for a long time too

I have a fantastic Butternut squash soup recipe that I could send your way if you'd like.

I love how you took pictures along your cooking adventure. I've been wanting to do that for one of my cakes but then I get "in the zone" and forget. Maybe next time:)

Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

You've never made SOUP!!! That's kind of awesome! I make it too much because I love just throwing whatever I feel like into a pot and calling it dinner! Well...sometimes it turns out to be dinner for us, LOTS of times it just feeds the garbage. I need to learn to follow a recipe someday! Haha.

Joanne said...

MMmmmm.....okay so when we come over for M&C....could we have a bowl of soup for a starter? Good job, Christy!