Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{The Princesses :: An Update}

Life with two girls.

I never thought it would be as fun as it is!

Paisley absolutely loves her sister and Denay just loves to read to her and hold her hands and dance with her and squish her face and call her chubby-cheeks.

:: Princess Denay ::

My almost three-year-old big girl. She loves books and playing tea party, coloring and her blankie.

She has recently really taken to getting dressed, every morning, all by herself and mommy is so proud! She weighs about 22lbs, wears size four diapers (at night), size five shoes, and still easily fits into 24 month and some 18 month clothes and has a few 2T and 3T shirts that will fit her again in the fall. She is potty trained but we're still struggling (aka momma is going nutso) with daily accidents. I think the flurry and lack of attention during the reno has caused her to regress a bit. She always kicks my butt at The Memory Game and wants to be where ever I am....which can get slightly (and when I say slightly I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY) overwhelming sometimes and I'm still learning how to love her at her age and am finding myself having to re-learn how to relate to her now that I've got a wee babe (run on sentence) BUT she is so beautiful and thoughtful and wonderful and I {Heart} her a whole bunch.

:: Princess Paisley ::

My littlest lady is just over five months now and at last weigh was 12lbs 2oz. She is, quite honestly, THE happiest little baby EVER. She sleeps from 8:00pm until between 4:00am and 5:00am, goes back to sleep after feeding and then wakes up around 8:00am. And I know there are mom's reading this that want to sneak into my house while I'm sleeping and smack me because of this girls awesome sleep habits at such a young age. Let me tell you, after what Denay put me through, I can say with every confidence that I deserve it!

Paisley can roll over both ways and she is just starting to sit up for five or ten seconds at a time. She has also (yay) started wiggling forward when she's on her tummy and sees something she wants. She gets those chubby little legs under her and pushes and inches herself along until she reaches it. Yep, just like a little caterpillar. She loves her exer-saucer, bumbo, Gumdrop soother and, of course, her thumb. After months of of struggling with latches and sore lady-parts then weeks of a diminishing milk supply, she is now almost fully bottle fed. I'm finding I'm full enough to actually feed her about one feed a day...which is not enough for me at all. I'll post more about this later.

I love her and she warms my heart with her big, full mouth, full face smiles. She makes me want to have A LOT of babies.....like lots and lots ;)

{Disclaimer - no, I am not pregnant and don't intend to be anytime soon}


Joanne said...

Oh, our dear Royal Princesses. Just love them so. They are so precious to me.

Jessi said...

What's the story behind the "decorated" faces???