Thursday, March 24, 2011

{Giveaway, GIVEAWAY}

I. am. SO. excited.

I am doing my VERY first Giveaway.

"Christy, what can I win?", you want to know.

This, is a 'gogo' and if you change your purse often or just like being very organized, it's just the thing for you.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fill it with all your vitals....cell phone, cards and makeup and when you feel like switching purses, just pull your gogo out and pop it into the new purse. Done!Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

It's super spacious and has lots of room for everything that goes from bag to bag.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

AND, it's pink to boot.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"Christy, how can I win", you ask.

It's easy.

To enter, just leave me a comment and let me know your favourite organizing tip OR tell me how having the gogo will make your life easier (if your looking for a chance to confess that your purse is a disaster, this is it).
I will leave the commenting open for a week and then pick a name at random, so once you leave your comment, be sure to check back and see if you won!
Come on now Bloggowers....let's hear it....


Barb said...

My best tip? Filing Cabinet. Everyone should have a little one at least for past taxes, receipts and bills. Keeps your papers AND your finances organized!

Shawna said...

Oh pick me! Pick me! I was so sad when I heard you were hosting a sheshe party the other night, cause I would love one of these!

Kelly said...

My favorite organization tip is to do a 5-day meal plan. Once a week I sit down and plan out our meals. I have a binder that I stash recipes and meal ideas that I pull out to get new ideas and inspiration to avoid too much repetition. I create our shopping list from the plan to make sure I have everything I need for each meal on hand. I only do a 5 day plan, so we have one day for leftovers and one day for pizza, eating out, etc. It helps with keeping food costs down, ensures we are eating healthy and balanced meals, but also it means I'm only going to the grocery store once a week instead of trips througout the week. I notice on weeks that I don't meal plan, things feel hectic and deciding what to make for dinner becomes a stressful thing for me. I hope it is helpful for others!

Meg said...

The comment from Kelly is actually from me! I forgot to log her out before commenting on your post. Sorry!!

susan said...

My purse is my diaper bag most of the time...sad really, but that's the time of life we are in...and man, you sure can fit a lot in a diaper bag - it's awesome!!

Best tip? Get a shredder - and keep up the shredding, we didn't and I shredded bills from 3 years ago! SO NOT NEEDED!

Alana said...

This is super cute! it would make my life more organized because I am constantly searching through my three purses for lip gloss. I have about 8 or 9 different lip glosses, and they are scattered between my three purses - this way they would always be in the same spot, so I can find the color I'm looking for right away.

loni said...

Give your purse (aka Diaper Bag for me in this season of life) a quick look through as soon as you get home. Add what's needed and take out what's not. Then you always know you'll have everything you thought you had in there :)

Crystal said...

I need one cause j can never find my stinking cell phone in my purse!!!:) and I as well swear by meal planning. Take it a step further as well and do a theme for the week so for example you need sour cream for something make another meal with it so you use it up and don't let it sit in your fridge for months on end!

Shawna said...

I forgot, I was supposed to post my favorite organizing tip:
1. always take out more than you brought into the car...the car will be relatively clean.
2. clean out the fridge every garbage day...base your meal planning on what needs to be eaten.
3. Make your bed before 9 - even if you are not going anywhere.

I'm sure I have more, but that's all for now ;)

Anonymous said...

Best organizing tip: Get a blackberry! You can put everything in it including those little things that you have to do in the day that you forget like dropping the keys off at mom's or meeting with the pastor, I just put it in my phone with a little reminder then when the time comes to do the task "ring ring" I get a reminder! It's brilliant! And has saved my life MANY times!

Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

AH! So CUTE!!! I am not a purse or jewelry person but THIS is amazing! I am probably the most disorganised person on the planet and with swtiching between purse and diaper bag I have made WAY too many trips back home after getting to where I need to go and realizing I left my purse in the OTHER bag. Urgh. My organization someone/there is no hope for me.

Char said...

Best organizing tip...hmmmm...

Well I certainly need one for the purse, it gets bigger and bigger as the years go by and it carries more and more each time...I can't find a thing in that huge abyss I call a purse!

1st tip...We do a cash budget. I have a small plastic 'coupon folder' that is divided into sections. Each allocated amount has its own section. This folder stays in my purse. I always know how much I have to spend for the coming month and do not risk overspending that way.

2nd tip...As my kids have gotten older and schedules and activities have increased, I carry and laundry basket in my van; in it everything I need for the days event. The piano bag, the ballet bag, the library book bag of return books, after school snack bag etc etc (ok so I use bags for everything ;-) ). I pack the basket the night before or first thing in the day, then I am never missing what I need.

Lizzie said...

hmmmmmm.... I suck at organizing... but one thing that has been great is chopping up fruit and veggies and having them on hand in fridge for quick fixes... other than that I'd say, get some organizationally gifted friends (AKA you, Becca, Loni etc.) to come over and do it for you :)