Tuesday, March 1, 2011

:: Horizontal view looking from the window ::

:: The Princesses' bedroom doors ::

:: The bathroom and master bedroom doors looking from the hallway ::

:: And this, would be our very unexpected, ill-timed and unplanned addition to our reno. About two weeks in, we had run a load of laundry and while it was on it's final spin, the washer suddenly started making a horrific noise. It honestly sounded like the whole machine was about to bust through the bathroom door and begin a hostile take-over of the human race. Fortunately for the human race, it turn out that one of the springs that holds the drum suspended broke and the drum was spinning on one spring going at 1000 RPM, wreaking complete havoc on our poor washer. Two days later, these babies went in. We didn't realize that in order to stack the machines, we had to buy a whole new set, not just the washer. Eek. But, these puppies are super energy efficient and way larger than our old ones.....and I LOVE them. They sing me a happy song when their respective cycles are done. It reminds me of Snow White whistling while she works and it makes everything so cheery.

So, the upstairs update consisted of:
-new carpet on the stairs, hallway, master bedroom and nursery

-all baseboards removed and painted white, all doors and casings painted white

-new trim, closet doors and blinds in nursery as well as a new baseboard heater

-new door on linen closet in hallway

-fresh coat of Peace and Quiet (Debbie Travis color done with Sico paint) in upper hallway and vaulted portion of the stairway

-lower portion of stairway repainted in Coastal Breeze

-master bedroom repainted with Oyster Mushroom (Sico) and Leather Chair (Sico) for the accent wall behind the bed

-new baseboard heater, headboard, drapes and bedding in master bedroom

-new light fixture in stairway

-stairway railing painted white

I am also currently waiting on a vinyl wall decal (from Leen The Graphics Queen on ETSY) to finish off the master bedroom and I'll be sure to post a photo when it comes and I get it put up!

As well, the whole house had a decor and picture frame shuffle to give new life and a fresh look without spending any money on new things.

To say we are relieved to be done is an understatement.....and we only did a soft reno and we were totally exhausted and overwhelmed. BUT, we are so pleased with the results. Looking at the before and after, even for me, is stunning.

Thanks for being patient with my lack-of-blogging....do not fear lovelies, I have much to catch up on!


Michelle B said...

Holy cow!! That's alot of reno!! Looks fantastic:):) I am a huge fan of you blogging btw:)

Jessi said...

Wow Christy! It looks fabulous and now you have me inspired to get to all the painting that our house desperately needs. I love your color choices and what a difference it makes to paint all the wood doors and baseboards white...stunning! Great job!

Sarah Luney said...

Looks SOOOOO good, Christy! Very bright and fresh. I know you did the table project a while back but I feel the need to tell you...I looove your table and chairs!