Wednesday, March 2, 2011

:: Meeting Lord Stanley ::

A few Friday's ago, a girlfriend of mine offered to take Denay for the afternoon/evening for a playdate with her daughter.....she mentioned she was planning to stop by our local ScotiaBank branch as the Stanley Cup was on display for viewing. So instead of sending Denay along to her house, we packed up (very hastily, I might add) and drove down and got in the line-up.


We had no clue how long we would wait, so us gals took the walking kids to S-bucks across the street, and the King held Princess P and our spot in the line. Then.......two hours later (and one street ball to the head for me) we finally stepped through the doors and into the warmth where the infamous Stanley Cup glistened in all it's glory.
:: The kidlets played with each other so well and never complained about the long wait or the cold ::

:: The MaC clan with the Stanley Cup ::

Not being a huge hockey fanatic, I have to say that it was very cool being able to see such an iconic symbol of our nations sport in person but I found myself so caught up in trying to take a nice picture that I didn't really even look at it.
Oh well, that's why we have pictures, right??

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