Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All Things "T"

This is a fun little game that has been floating around on some of the blogs I frequent. You are assigned a letter and then must list 10 things, beginning with that letter, that you love.
My friend and fellow blogger, Amanda, assigned me the letter "T".
:: Here goes ::

#1. Trevor - He is my husband and I love him. Sometimes I overlook how much he does for me and how good he is to me but I am one lucky gal. He is giving and thoughtful and somehow manages to stand me and my wacky ways. He also helped me come up with lots of suggestions for this post.
#2. Talking - Meet my grandfather and dad, it runs in the family people. And before I prove myself right, nough said.
#3. Tequila - Okay, before you get really concerned, some people like wine, I like tequila - big difference being I don't drink it as much as a wine-drinker would drink wine. For the past four years or so, a very good friend of mine have rung in very special occasions with a shot of Ol' Jose. Just a fun tradition that I hope to carry on for a while.
#4. Taking Pictures - I find this is increasingly true now with a wee babe in the house. This is not to say that I take amazing pictures, I just like snapping away and every once and a while I get a couple good ones. The simple proof is in a dresser drawer upstairs that is so heavy and full of pictures, I almost can't open it.
#5. Television - Again, don't get the idea that I'm a TV-aholic. My husband and I only get five channels but there are a few shows that we watch almost every week. Those include Law and Order: SVU, CSI (Las Vegas of course), and it just ended on Sunday but the Amazing Race was also a weekly tradition.
#6. Tidying - Just "tidying" is a bit of an understatement but it started with a "T". I love to clean. Vacuuming, straightening, dusting and rearranging are everyday activities for me and while sometimes I don't enjoy the doing, I always enjoying having them done.
#7. Teeth - If any of you have ever had braces you may be on this same boat. I love my teeth and have actually caused some gum problems for myself because I brush "too" well. My oral health is something I take seriously because I am so grateful for the money my parents spent to make them as straight and pretty as they are today!
#8. Trails - Hiking is something that is very dear to me. Never do I feel more alive or connected to my Creator than when I am surrounded by undisturbed nature. I am lucky to live in a place where I can take my pick of mountains to explore. I have hiked the world famous West Coast Trail three times and still take myself back there sometimes when I feel bogged down in life. I remember the forest and sea and sand, the smell of nature and the unbeatable sound of waves crashing on the shore.
#9. Third Trimester - I was fortunate enough to have an extremely wonderful, almost perfect, pregnancy. And I have to say that the third trimester was my favorite part. I loved FINALLY looking pregnant, as I didn't start to really show until almost seven and a half months. I felt so awesome.....never more beautiful or womanly. I loved the compliments and attention from well-wishing strangers everywhere I went. I loved feeling our bambino move around in side and occasionally get the hiccups. And most of all I loved that at the end of it, after the most wonderful, incredible labour, I finally got to see and hold my precious Denay for the first time.
#10. Taking hot showers - Okay, this "T" is a bit of a stretch but I'm making it work alright.....It is not hard at all for me to drain our hot water tank with one shower. No, really, I'm serious. I justify my long shower by the fact that showers are far from an everyday activity for me. Most often I'm even lucky to get in a shower every other day. To be honest, I have days where I'd rather "tidy" than "take hot showers". I love the quiet, feeling clean and of course, the really hot water.
So there you have it folks.....10 random fact about me you never knew before.
If any of you would like to be assigned a letter and have a little fun, just leave me a comment and I will respond with a letter for you via a comment on your blog.


susan said...

Your blog is so great Christy! I enjoyed your "T" post...it was nice to learn more about you!
I am feeling inspired, maybe I should do my letter...hmmm...

Amanda said...

Great post Christy! I DID learn more about you so thanks for participating in the fun!

Anita Klause said...

Great post! These are fun, because it's true... you do learn something new! I found it hard to come up with my 10 things too :)